by Wangari Maina

A kit is a unit that contains the necessary things you need to get a job done or to go through a particular event. Makeup artists have a makeup kit, soldiers have a survival kit, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, engineers, etc. all have kits.

So do you have a kit for getting through this impact season of COVID19 and other life-threatening calamities?

I’m not talking about the first aid kit in addition to the masks, gloves, and sanitizers. This Lifestyle Kit is simple to build and it will not only be necessary for this season, but it will also take you through the happier times of your life.

Here is a summary of the first 5 tools in your kit. You can get the details here

1. Healthy lifestyle habits (work out, eat, drink water)
Because we are naturally lazy beings, we will likely want to obey the quarantine to the extent of sitting in the house the whole day without much physical activity.

Knowing that your body is a tool of productivity, whatever you do or why you do it, there are three things that you must give your body:

~ Proper food ~ Activity ~ Water

2. Read & Learn
Feed your brain with knowledge and information that helps it grow and open your eyes to new or existing possibilities.

3. Make your bed

It’s a free therapy session that fires up your brain to the next challenge of the day.

4. Social distance but socialize

Don’t let distance be a barrier to your social wellness.

5. Declutter your mind/ life

What, in your current life – habits, beliefs, values, information, relationships, memories, etc is pure clutter? Could it be time to discard and create space for new helpful stuff?

So there are your first 5 tools to carry in your lifestyle kit: – Decluttering, Socializing, Health Management, Small Wins, Knowledge Enhancement.

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