This is for Children in the Age set of 2 – 6 years.

In Summary

Having understood the sensitivity of our young children, we have set their learning centre to be separate from that of the older children in the primary school section. They enjoy their own serene environment with a fully equipped playground (swing-set, slide, merry-go-round, balls, and other playing toys), their own lavatory facilities and their own learning schedule. They are served tea and lunch at their learning centre and also enjoy an afternoon nap in cots in a quiet and hygienic room just like they were at home.

Baby Class/ Kindergarten (3½ – 4 years):

At this tender age as children are introduced to basic school work and life skills including light chores. Your children will come home knowing how to be polite, how to carry a plate without dropping it, how to share the resources available, how to speak in English and how to say please, thank you and welcome among many other valuable basics and mannerisms.

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Nursery (4 – 5 years):

Children now begin to get introduced to structured academics. Our work is to guide and explore with them. Phonetics, Mental Number work, Environmental, drawing, painting, handwriting and so much more is what we offer to these young children.

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Pre-Unit (5 – 6 years):

This is the last level prior to joining the primary school and we make it special. Every year, our pre-unit class is graduated with a certificate, gift and ceremonial gown. A great motivation exercise that acts as a public reward for finishing the first level of academics and a great opening for higher learning.

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