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Great children can only be influenced by great minds and everyone who joins us has the opportunity to live out their potential and leave a great, positive impartation of knowledge, life skills and wisdom to our children.

Teaching Vacancy

If you would like to join our team, the current vacancies available are:

  • Grade 1 Teacher (1 position)
  • Grade 2 Teacher (1 position)
  • Grade 3 Teacher (1 position)
  • Upper Classes Teacher (1 position)

Job Description:

The job is simply to be a TEACHER.

Competency Desired:

You can

  • mentor
  • inspire
  • educate

You are

  • receptive
  • cheerful
  • dependable
  • creative
  • smart

Elirama School is an equal opportunity employer providing a relational working environment.

To join us in 2020, please apply here