As children exit the Early Learning Centre (ELC), they need a smooth transition that leads them to the Primary School Centre (PSC).

At the ELC, we set the foundation and then at the PSC, we build upon that foundation. This section is structured to accommodate children in the age set of 7 – 14 years

Class 1 – Class 3:

At this age bracket, children are beginning to gain a sense of independence and want to do things by themselves, be given more tender responsibilities and entrusted with small tasks that engage their creativity. This is not lost to us and our delivery of the academics and co-curricular activities ensures that these young pupils have fun while learning.

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Class 4 – Class 8:

As children grow, they begin to have a deeper need for social development in complement to the academic growth. We ensure that our programs engage the pupils at these two levels. Traditional teaching is complemented by video and computer-based learning.

For all our students we have:

  • learning materials at the learning resource centre to give them an experience e.g. of mixing oil and water, germination, magnetism etc.
  • a reward and recognition system that encourages good behaviour and performance while offering corrective measures for indiscipline
  • ample playing grounds that allow children to play and carry out physical exercises which are a necessity for their growing bodies
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