Our Path is a story that can only be summarized.

The school was founded in 1998 by the late Mr. George Kimani. It started out as a day care facility catering for the children in the Embul Bul community and given the strong foundations that he and the team gave the children, parents raised a demand for the existence of classes beyond the day care. Mr. Kimani worked to fulfill the government regulations of a private school and the school was duly registered. 18 years later, the school is still fully functional and established as a family/ generational business.


While we run the curriculum as stipulated by the Ministry of Education in Kenya, we endeavour to apply modern learning methods that inculcate experiential learning, use of technology, physical exercises, sports, talent and gifts development. It is the multiplicity of these approaches that enhances the academic performance of pupils.

  • Skills Development
  • Academic Empowerment
  • Esteem

Administrative and Teaching Staff

All administrative and teaching staff are trained and certified to work with pupils. With regular meetings and on-the-job trainings, they remain up to date with the skill sets required to help parents grow their children holistically for the 8 hours they are in school.

Our Facilities and Services

The school is located in an easily accessible, serene homely environment which is well guarded to ensure the safety of children while they are in school.