Kindness is a fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT. And it forms the focus of the first month of the year for two reasons. One, it will help us focus on people and seeing the good in them. Two, it will form a basis for our decision making process where people are involved.

Doing unto others what you would like them to do unto you presupposes that you already know what you want and that it is a universal good that will also be good for others.

We will explore it as guided by scripture.

We will endeavor to live, appreciate and recognise when one of us in the Elirama community, stand out for living this virtue for the greater good

Living the value

  • In class among the students
  • In dealing with parents and visitors at the main office
  • Among teachers when sharing responsibilities
  • In social settings e.g. in the family

Kindness is not a utopic way of life. It is very possible

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