When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor. A doctor is a person who treats sick people.

I would like to be a doctor because I want to cure diseases, get money to help my family and help many people.

Doctors are the most important people in our country because, without doctors, many people can die in the country.

I want to be a doctor so that I can treat my parents or anybody in my family without them paying anything.
When I become a doctor, I can treat various diseases in our country like HIV/ AIDS, malaria, typhoid, allergies, and many other diseases.

When I get money, I would build a hospital. In my hospital, I would not charge people too much money so that anyone who is sick and does not have the money can come to my hospital.

When I become a doctor, I would be going to each and every house in my environment and treat them.
I would work hard to do all these things in my country.

I will go to other countries curing any disease of a fellow friend.

I really pray to God that my wish of being a doctor to come true so that I can do all these things.

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