While going through some literature on Napoleons Laws of success, I decided to share some great input I got from the text with you.

Every person on earth is afraid of something and unfortunately a lot of those fears are either inherited or cultured into the person. Hereditary in terms of family lineage, superstitions and beliefs. Cultured on the basis of how one was brought up.

There are six fears which do the most damage and if left unchecked, they will completely hinder us from successfully pursuing any worthwhile undertaking in life. As we go through these fears, reflect to understand how they relate to you and more importantly, develop a strategy to work through and overcome them.

Fear of Poverty
Let’s be honest, every time one of our media houses a feature or a news items is highlighted in social media on a poor family in the slums, we silently say a prayer of gratitude to God that we are not the ones going through that. The very thought of poverty sends a chill down our spines because we know it means a whole lot of things. Sacrifices, no medical cover, no surety of a meal in the morning or in the evening, no surety of life tomorrow. The fear of being poor is so deeply entrenched that even the most egotistical man will do anything including injuring his pride to make sure he doesn’t end up poor.
Yet everyday, we drive ourselves towards this state by the things we do and don’t do. We procrastinate, we choose to gratify our desires in the present at the expense of our future, we act selfishly so that our colleagues don’t go ahead of us. That’s your fear acting up and getting the better of you.

Fear of Ill-heath
There is this trend of using herbal medicine, herbal tea, herbal skin care, herbal make up and so on. All in the name of having a good healthy body. Ill health means you are relying on someone else to put a meal on your table; it means you can’t go to work, it means you deplete some of your hard earned cash. Fear of being sick is so real that some people end up self treating rather than visiting a doctor. Others are so afraid that on getting one sneeze from their babies, the next minute they are at the doctors. Ill health may be because of your internal composition, or because you neglect yourself. Can you imagine an asthmatic smoker? What about a pneumatic bungee jumper? You need to take care of yourself and be armed with health related information so as to deal with this fear. Worry in itself is a source of ill health and it will mean dealing it from psychological to physical and social platforms.
Take care of your body. Your body will take care of you in the long run.

Fear of the loss of love
Ever heard of the mysteries of love triangles? What about cheating spouses? What about people who willfully submit to black mail over their love affairs? The very thought of not being loved by someone who has dedicated their lives to loving you, will drive you to do some insane, out of this world things. It’s amazing how men and women are willing to dare a perfect home with children just for a passion of fleeting pleasure. It’s amazing how people are willing to mess others up while their own lives remain intact. A gentleman was once quoted as saying, having hang out in clubs with women of all caliber, some who even drunk more bottles of beer than him, he would need to go back to his roots for a woman to love and a woman who would not be taken from him by his mates, or by the pleasures of this world – the fear of the loss of love at work is also very present.

You need to remember that when you love, you run a high risk of losing. It is wired in our human nature. Learn to let go of what should be allowed to go and of what does not want to be held onto!

Fear of criticism
I walked past a mall the other day and inside one shop they were selling toupees (hair wig for men). I wondered to myself, why would an aging man want to buy that? It was fear of being laughed at because of losing hair. When I think about people who thrive on criticizing others, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are weak. They would rather spend their energies criticizing others than work on their own shortcoming. For example, a married woman who did not enjoy her freedom before marriage, may be critical of a single woman who is having the time of her life, globe trotting and advancing her career. It is against such criticism that I ask a simple two words question – so what? I mean, so what if the rest of the world criticizes the way I am, God made me with short hair among people with long hair. It doesn’t mean I’m weird. I am just different. Fear of criticism dwarfs us in so many ways that sometimes it halts us on our path to success. Woe unto us if we pay attention to it. Look at it this way, if people are criticizing, then it means, you must be onto something great!

Fear of old age
I have often heard it said that old is gold. The fear of old age stems out of (a) the thought that old age may bring with it poverty; and (b) the fact that old age means approaching your end hence a choice of streets of gold or fire and brimstone.
In our culture, there is the saying “ukuru uriaga wethe” that means old age feeds from our youthful life. If you get a good job with good income and you invest while still in your twenties, chances of growing poor when old are minimal because you will have saved for old age. Your children won’t even need to sign you up in an old folks home. On the other hand, if you have lived a righteous life, adhering to the word of God and being a follower of the gospel, what would make you doubt that your name is written in the book of life. Remember the Bible has it that the average lifespan of a man is 2 scores, 3 scores is an extra from God. Four score or 4.5 score is a bonus from the Lord in heaven. Live your life in the best way that you can to ensure you never say – I wish I knew. Don’t do anything you will regret in your old age, because whether you like it or not, it’s coming!

Fear of death
It is said that the worst enemy to fight is the one who does not fear death. For some reason we all want to live
forever, yet the Bible clearly states that we shall all die. The best we can do is appreciate every moment we have
alive and prepare our souls for either eternal peace in heaven with Jesus Christ, or eternity in hell going through
fire and brimstone. Being one to want the best, it is only logical to follow through the straight narrow in this lifetime, so that I can enjoy the awe and wonder of walking the streets of gold. Read the Word of God to seek understanding and a way to deal with this fear, otherwise, you will die of worry!



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